A new form of Coronavirus, belonging to the SARS family, is spreading quickly in China.  The Chinese Government is currently applying active measures by means of suspension of schools; work in all cities, as well as cutting transports in & out Wuhan, the epicenter for the epidemic. The objective is to minimize human contacts in hope to contain further outbreak. In result, most origin ports are shut down, for now, until 10thFeb; with further suspension likely.

With already over 30 blank sailings scheduled in the first Quarter because of CNY Holiday, poor loading prospects & drydocking for installation of Scrubber; the enforced closure of these terminals would undoubtedly add more disruptions to the normal ocean freight services.  We are definitely going to see more rolling and delays in deliveries to our customers.

Therefore we unfortunately have to draw your attention to the fact that because of all this most probably delays will occur in the whole supply chain.  Drawing from our SARS experience, this period of emergency may last for some months, and they may have to change to buy more quantities in each purchase so as to avoid running out of stock.

This is very challenging time, we ask for patience and close communication with our sles and operational team to help lessen the confusion and misunderstanding between partners in pursuit for providing the best services possible under the circumstances.

Thank you for your kind attention and in case of any questions and/or remarks please contact our sales and/or import dept.

Wanja Schildmeijer / tel dir + 31 10 4032 816 / email wsc@slhu.nl

Stephan Ouwerkerk / tel dir + 31 10 4032 871 / email sou@slhu.nl

Ronald Witting / tel dir + 31 10 4032 888 / email rwi@slhu.nl


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Latest Situation of the Epidemic period in China dated 3 March 2020


BSC issuance will no longer be possible at the borders of Mali as from 15 February 2020



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