We would like to inform you about implementation of amended sea cargo manifest & transshipment regulation (SCMT) effective from 1 August 2019.

Customer Advisory

Imports into India (Sea Arrival Manifest – SAM)

Shipping lines are required to submit “Sea Arrival Manifest” to Indian Customs prior to vessel departure from last port of call before calling any port in India, for all containers which are going to be discharged at any port in India or will be discharged  for transshipment at any port India. In order to meet this requirement:

  • Bill of Lading needs to be ready 72 hours prior vessel sailing from last port of call.
    Also be guided that below mentioned data elements are mandatory in BL description and are to be filed in the Sea Arrival Manifest:
    1. Cargo wise HS Code – 6 Digit HS code and HS code wise cargo description for updating in BL.
    2. Invoice Value – Invoice Value of Consignment with currency code.
    3. IEC CODE  – Actual Importer IEC CODE NO (Import & Export Code).
    4. GST NO – GST Identification number of Actual Importer.
    5. PAN Number – PAN Number of Notify Party (if the Notify Party resides in India).

Export from India (SEA Departure Manifest – SDM)

Shipping Lines are required to submit “Sea Departure Manifest” to Indian Customs for all the containers to be loaded, prior to departure of vessel from any Indian port of loading. In order to meet this requirement

  • Shipping Instructions should be available 48 hours prior arrival of vessel at the Indian loading port.
  • Shipping Bill cut-off (LEO shipping Bills) 48 hours prior to vessel arrival at port of loading.

Important Notes:

In case of shipment is consigned to the BANK or TO ORDER, the Notify Party column must stipulate the actual consignee’s name plus details required at SR. No. 1 to 5, as mentioned above, in BL description column.

In case of booking through forwarder from POL and forwarders issuing their HBL (House Bill of Lading), the master BL should show the forwarder’s name as consignee. The forwarder in turn will submit their HBL for Customs manifest submission. Forwarder’s local agents should submit to POD agents their HBL ideally 4 days (96 Hours) before departure from last port of call, which is well before the manifest deadline of 3 days( 72 Hours) before departure time from last port of call.

Failure to do so POD agents will be forced to submit IGM with B/L data received from the Port of Loading.  The amendment procedure post filing of sea arrival manifest may attract fine/penalty and the cost and consequences of any amendment required will be on consignee and/or forwarder.

The Consignee/CHA/Forwarder should also notify at least 4 days (96 Hours) before departure from last port of call, which is well before the manifest deadline of 3 days (72 Hours) before departure from last port of call,  if DIRECT PORT DELIVERY (DPD) Is required along with desired CFS details, for smooth filing of sea arrival manifest before the manifest deadline.

Needles to state that any Non-compliance to the above requirements within agreed customs manifest deadline, will lead to incomplete filing of manifest and penalties. All amendments thereafter for non-compliance shall be done at entire risk & cost of the merchants and/or forwarders.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

André Snijder/tel. + 31 10 4032839/ a.snijder@slavenburg-en-huyser.nl

Mariska Barth/ +31 10 4032886/ m.barth@slavenburg-en-huyser.nl


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